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About the College Print E-mail
The Australian College of Contemporary Somatic Psychotherapy is an independent training and research institute. We were established in 1997 to deliver quality professional training programmes and professional development courses, and to initiate and co-ordinate research projects in the field of Contemporary Somatic Psychotherapy.

Since then the College has produced a significant number of graduates, many of whom have developed successful careers as psychotherapists in private practice.

The College is driven by the following aims and principles;
  • To deliver high quality training in leading edge contemporary psychotherapy,
  • That our training will offer a mixture of the best established psychotherapeutic theory as well as the fruits of cutting-edge research into psychotherapy and human development,
  • That age, gender and cultural differences will be respected in our training and will be part of the ethos imparted to students, and,
  • That our lecturers are highly skilled in their area of expertise (through their own experiences but also academically) and are also engaging and approachable teachers.

You can read more about Contemporary Somatic Psychotherapy here.