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At the end of each academic year the College asks all students to evaluate the College and all the teachers across a wide range of criteria. Over 90% of students give an evaluation of 'outstanding' or 'above average' to over 90% of the evaluation criteria. The students below have offered to express their views publicly in the Prospectus to inform prospective students of their experiences.


To read an article written by Joanna Woutersz when she was in training with the College click here.


images/stories/testimonials/marg.jpg"I completed my somatic psychotherapy training in 2007 in Melbourne. I found the academic rigor of the course, the experiential teaching methods and the requirement to be in your own therapy, a rich and challenging learning opportunity. The course changed me professionally and personally on many levels and I still experience the ongoing benefits of my experience within my life today. In the past three years I have been building a private practice in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne and I love my work. I have an ongoing sense of gratitude about the course because I realize now how well it has prepared me for working as a therapist in private practice"

- Marg, Melbourne




images/stories/testimonials/tim.jpg"I'm really glad I took the plunge and began the training when I did. The course has both academic and some very practical components to it and presents leading-edge psychotherapeutic theories in a hands-on way. I found the teachers were very friendly and keen to pass on what they knew through their years of experience and deep understanding of the subject matter. Since completing the course three years ago I was awarded a part-time counselling internship; since then I've left my office job to focus on building my own successful private practice. For me, it was good to start something that felt meaningful!"

- Tim, Melbourne





images/stories/testimonials/paul.jpg"I discovered the training whilst searching for a deeper understanding of myself and my experience and satisfaction of life. Despite achieving many of the goals I had set myself, such as a great corporate job, an excellent salary and lifestyle and an education to MBA level, I found myself increasingly questioning what was important to me and where was I heading. I have found the course to be the single most illuminating and inspiring learning experience of my life. My life is now very different to when I began the course and I would recommend this program for anyone interested in training as a psychotherapist or wanting a deeper understanding of themselves"

- Paul, Sydney





images/stories/testimonials/ellen.jpg"What a find this college is. As far as I am aware, there is no other training in Australia that delivers an education truly at the cutting edge of psychotherapeutic thinking and practice. I loved every moment of the rich mix of experiential and academic training. Now in my own private practice, I am continuously amazed and grateful to discover the training has given me everything I need to work with my clients in a deep, responsible and profoundly transformational way"

- Ellen, Sydney






images/stories/testimonials/lynette.jpg"The combination of theoretical learning and experiences gained in relation to others in the course, have worked together to bring about a gradual unravelling of insights, which have enabled me to make more meaning in my life. My body feels more alive than ever before, creating a general excitement and pleasure in my relationships. I had little knowledge of somatic psychotherapy when I first started at the college, but with the finishing up of the first year's training, I am relieved to find that this line of work, through which I will be able to help others improve the feelings of themselves and their lives, resonates with me to my core. The intimacy I am increasingly comfortable sharing with people was a long-lost gem in my repertoire of communicating. Throughout this year I have taken much delight in polishing up that gem, and letting it shine"

- Lynette, Melbourne




"As paimages/stories/testimonials/serge_koreneff.jpgrt of my search for my personal meaning and development, I was introduced to the concept of somatic psychotherapy as a means of enabling people to improve aspects of their lives – particularly in the workplace. I saw the combination of the somatic and the academic aspects being offered by the college as being very important in giving me the language to be accepted in the corporate arena, as well as providing me the opportunity to learn the skills to be able to effect the changes.
The cutting edge training mix of experiential, academic and continued personal growth has enabled me to more clearly define my purpose in life and to develop the skills and abilities needed to work in depth with my clients. Although I no longer see myself as an agent of change in the corporate arena, I clearly see myself as a somatic psychotherapist working with individuals and couples. I have set up and I am building my own practice with my partner, with a new confidence in my abilities as a psychotherapist. I am grateful for the changes in my life and opportunities the college has afforded me during my training."

- Serge, Sydney


images/stories/testimonials/carolien_van_geloven.jpg"The college provides a comprehensive curriculum that balances body-oriented and psychodynamic theories. The training program has helped me to articulate my own experiences more clearly, as well as understand others more deeply. The training was not an easy three years, but I am hugely grateful for all the learning I received. 
Through my many years working as a Diabetes Nurse Educator I often found that the medical system falls over in certain situations. For example, by not taking in consideration certain related factors such the role of stress on physical and emotional wellbeing, or by remaining stuck in a dichotomy of thinking of mind and body as two separate entities - rather than one body-mind. 

I now find myself better equipped to deal with difficult people, in difficult situations, both privately and professionally.  Since my graduation, I took a different course in my career. I am now self-employed, working both as a somatic psychotherapist and a private practice Diabetes Educator.  I am now finding it very rewarding and have opened my own psychotherapy practice where I work alongside my partner and other like-minded people."

- Carolien, Sydney


“When I look back on the journey travelled while undertaking the Diploma is Somatic Psychotherapy course it has been a truly life changing experience.  Firstly, the course offers rigorous academic content.  I was exposed to philosophers, theorists and ideas that have expanded my understanding of myself, of human experience and of how we can change.  The use of experiential learning approaches makes the course rich with experiences of theory-in-action.  Instead of just reading about a particular theory or issue, invariably there was some real-life example of the issue within the group, which meant that we could explore the issue in an authentic way, rather than study it from a distance.  Learning in this way meant that the learning became deeply embedded within my own experience and deeply understood.  The group process is also a rich learning environment.  It provides the opportunity to learn more about your own issues and experiences and just as importantly, it gives you a window into the many different ways that people experience themselves and their lives.  The theory and practice of different forms of body work was always fascinating.  I am amazed at the way we embody our experience, whether we are connected with our bodies or not.  Our experiences, fears, joys and often some opportunities for healing are embodied within us.  I gained a new appreciation for my own body and a deep respect for the adaptability of human beings and our drive to survive, sometimes in the face of great odds.  Undertaking individual psychotherapy was also an important part of the learning process.  Often the course raised issues that could then be fully explored in my own therapy. In all, it is an amazing course which I would thoroughly recommend to those interested in becoming a therapist.  I would also recommend the course to anyone who wants to live their life more fully, with a deeper understanding of human experience, a greater appreciation for the experience of others in our lives and access to a new found vitality that comes with becoming your embodiment.”

- Trish Johnston, Graduate 2008


 “For images/stories/testimonials/joanne_marsh2.jpgmany years I wondered why it was that the same sort of things continued to happen in my life.  A new job, the same sort of issues with my boss; a new relationship, the same problems between us. Why was it that I was attracted to the same sort of people?

After one such relationship breakdown I went in search of the answer.  Over the next few years I undertook a number of personal development courses that opened me up to a whole new way of looking at myself and the world.  But I still wanted more, my appetite had been whetted and I really wanted to understand why I reacted the way I did in certain circumstances, why I was afraid of so much in life and why it was that I just couldn’t be happy.

Enrolling in the somatic psychotherapy course with ACCSP was a natural extension of my search for who I am.  The breadth and depth of this course allowed me to immerse myself in the theory, something I love to do, while also providing practical hands on experience.  It covers a vast range of topics that have provided me with a solid grounding in the history of psychology and psychotherapy as well as many related subjects.  In particular I have loved learning about attachment theory and human development.  I believe this is basic information that every expecting mother would find hugely beneficial as it gives them a “road map” on how to be with their infant.  Something all new mothers are crying out for.  The study of trauma and how this can impact on every aspect of our lives was another subject that kept me wanting to know more.  And the list goes on…

I found the style of study particularly suited me.  It involved a combination of self directed learning, where I can quietly sit and read an article or a book, followed by classroom discussion and experiential learning.  I have not experienced this learning approach before and truly enjoyed debating a topic with my fellow students and teachers; it really stretched all of us and required us to think thoroughly on the topic.

The somatic psychotherapy course is not a walk in the park; it is a serious study program and requires a serious commitment.  But like everything that demands the best of us, we receive back many times what we give.  I can honestly say I am a different person today than I was five years ago and that is mostly due to what I learnt of myself and the human psyche through undertaking the somatic training.  Today I am happily married and happy with who I am. I see the best in people now and am able to enjoy them for who they are.  All of my relationships have improved and I can now identify those people who are not good for me and establish appropriate boundaries to keep me safe.  Life no longer scares me and I look forward to the next chapter in my life.

A very big part of my improved life is due to what I learnt during somatic training and I will continue to grow and learn, now that I know what it is I am looking for.  I will be forever grateful to the college for developing this course and to the teachers for sharing their knowledge, wisdom and humanity with me.”

- Joanne Marsh – Graduate 2008

images/stories/testimonials/richard_murray2.jpg"When I started on the path of my personal development all those years ago. I would never have envisaged that I would now be at the point where I have successfully completed a three year training programme as a Somatic Psychotherapist. I stumbled onto the personal development training in 2002, not really knowing just what was involved and just where it would take me in my life's journey. Following a number of these personal development courses, it became very evident that this journey of personal discovery had just begun.

The course in Contemporary Somatic Psychotherapy has been an extraordinary and enriching journey for me, which has continued my personal journey of self-discovery. The structure of the course, combined with the real debate and interactions between the teachers and students, has made the whole experience the most awesome and enriching experience that I could have ever imagined. the exposure to the broad range of both psychotherapeutic theories and practicical skills, and the opportunities to gain practical experience in counselling are invaluable.

I have found the theory fascinating (albeit very daunting not having studied for a large number of years) and the knowledge that it is a tertiary level very satisfying. Experientally it is very broad, introducing techniques from a number of different schools of therapy, highlighting their relevance to the work of a psychotherapist. It has been a most profound personal journey, which has been supported every step of the way by the integrity, skills and commitment of all of the teachers.

As part of the course, you need to work on yourself and be in one-on-one therapy. For me, therapy has been life changing and much of my growth over the last four years has come through being 'held', listened to and understood by my therapist. It hashelped me to 'drop down' instead of 'holding up' so much in the world and to build from within rather than looking for something outside to fulfil me. As a consequence I feel more 'real' and available to be in relationship than ever before and I am very grateful to all the excellent teaching and administrative staff of the College who have guided and supported me so warmly and professionally. It has been an experience in its entirety that will stay with me forever.

- Richard Murray - Graduate 2008  


"Whetherimages/stories/testimonials/barbara_nicholson.jpg your interest in Contemporary Somatic Psychotherapy Training is academic or clinical, or both, I can recommend it most highly. 

I have found the theory fascinating and the knowledge that it is a tertiary level very satisfying. Experientially it is very broad, introducing techniques from a number of different schools, highlighting their relevance to psychotherapy.

It has been a most profound personal journey, which has been supported every step of the way by the integrity, skills and commitment of all the teachers."

- Barbara Nicholson. Graduate 2001


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