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Lisa Frese Print E-mail
LisaFreseLisa Frese
B.Ed., Diploma in Nursing, Biodynamic Psych (Boyesen Foundation), Member ASIA, PACFA Register

Teaching focus: Therapeutic Touch and Body Process

Lisa has been a practicing somatic psychotherapist for 17 years and is currently working in private practice at the Somatic Psychotherapy Centre at Ultimo and on the Central Coast. She trained with the Boyesen Foundation in Germany, Spain and France. Continuing the lineage of Gerda Boyesen and Robyn Speyer, Lisa integrates Biodynamic Bodywork and a psychodynamic approach to psychotherapy. Fascinated by the body's ability to somatically and symbolically express unconscious conflicts and traumatic experiences, Lisa also assists clients in understanding the emotional and psychosocial causes of their physical illnesses and teaches psychosomatic medicine and Biodynamic Bodywork.

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Marg"I have an ongoing sense of gratitude about the course because I realize now how well it has prepared me for working as a therapist in private practice" - Marg

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