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FrancineBartlettFrancine Bartlett
B.S.W.(Hons), UNSW. M.Sci. (Hons), Member AASW and AAMA.

Teaching focus: Attachment Theory and Human Development through the Life Cycle

Francine is currently employed as Co-ordinator of a Family Support Service and also works as a Child and Family Therapist & consultant in private practice using a range of modalities including sand tray, art, play therapy, process oriented psychology, cognitive-behavioural therapy, EMDR, rhythmic massage, meditation, and group work. Recently, as part of her private practice, she has designed and delivered a programme for young child survivors of domestic violence, and has developed 'PeaceWorks', a peer mediation and life-skills programme which is part of assisting a whole school approach to bullying.

Francine’s current research, ‘The Beginnings of Love’, looks at how the prenatal relationship develops and impacts on postnatal development and attachment. It arose from clinical experience and observation that the symptoms of attention and conduct disorders in children were similar to post trauma symptoms. This led her on a quest to discover the nature of early trauma and its impact neurologically, developmentally and relationally.

Francine has worked in a variety of settings and weaves together global and personal concerns, having been an early pioneer of community social work in local government as well as delivering therapy and group work to individuals, children and families. She is committed to working at the interface of the personal and the social, as many personal psychological problems are the result of social conditions. Francine is wary of using therapy as a means of merely adapting to toxic environments, hence she sees social action as a form of personal therapy especially appropriate for the marginalised.

Francine is also committed to a holistic approach as the psyche and soma, spirit and matter, manifest together. Experience has shown her that there is no one therapy or therapist that suits all. Thus she attempts to be open to engage as openly & freshly as possible with the person or situation before her in the belief that the appropriate response is contained within the context and signals of the situation and in the inherent wisdom of the person and synchronicity. Fundamentally, the quality of, and capacity for relationship is critical to healthy human development and effective therapy.

Francine has taught in a variety of settings – university, TAFE, community groups and volunteers. In supervising and teaching, as well as in her own life, she is committed to continual learning and reflection and she remains open to the power of experiential learning. As well as her work in child and family therapy, in community social work with an emphasis on grass roots development and action, and her work in social planning, policy and consultation across the spectrum of social and political life, Francine has been actively involved in state wide committees of Australian Frontier, The Association of Youth Organizations, the NSW Council of Social Services and the Australian Association of Social Work, where she served on the board of management for several years.

In addition to experience accumulated through study, work, travel and life, being mother to 3 sons has been for Francine a precious and significant source of understanding about human development.

In the training programme Francine is responsible for teaching Human Development through the life cycle with a particular emphasis on infant and child development and the ways in which trauma and neglect impact on the developing human organism.

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Marg"I have an ongoing sense of gratitude about the course because I realize now how well it has prepared me for working as a therapist in private practice" - Marg

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